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Small Business, Family, Individual Health Insurance Information

eIndividualHealth and Small Business

eIndividualhealth.com is a leading online resource for small businesses, senior citizens, families, and individuals looking for health insurance plans.

You have probably been to many health insurance websites, been emailed instant health insurance quotes but you are still wondering...WHAT DO I DO NEXT?eih logo

That is where we come in. eindividualhealth.com has an experienced team of health insurance agents that can help you navigate the confusing maze of health insurance plans. (read Insurance 101)


Our health insurance experts can help you through the different phases of evaluating plan options, qualifying, and enrollment.We work closely with many health insurance carriers, including Anthem Blue Cross, which has proven to be one of the most progressive and competitive carrier in the State. You will be able to quote Blue Cross' plans across Individual, Family, Small Group, and Medicare Supplements. Please go to our free and fast Instant Quote page to get your comprehensive quote and apply online. Or you can call us or write us to get instant medical insurance help.


• Are you healthy?

• Do you have prescriptions?

• Need maternity coverage?


Answer 10 questions before you start shopping for insurance, to get an idea of the type of plan you need.

eIndividualHealth and Small Business

Health Savings Accounts

• Healthy and rarely see a doctor? HSA graphic

• Need Self-Employed Health Insurance?

Are your favorite alternative and complementary medicines generally not covered by most health insurance providers?


You should consider an HSA with a high deductible insurance plan. High deductible plans deliver you affordable monthly premiums, while protecting you in case of a medical emergency. An HSA is a health savings account that you can fund with pretax dollars and use for certain medical expenses not covered by your health plan.

eIndividualHealth and Small Business

With education costs rising and the downturn in the economy, finding affordable health insurance for students of any age has become even a bigger challenge. You may qualify to be on your parent’s health insurance plan,

but is that the best option?student insurance

Fortunately, there are many options that can help students lower their health care expenses while maintaining, and in many cases increasing their coverage. There are either school-sponsored health care programs or even many individual or family health insurance plans that offer affordable ways to keep the students covered, such as an HSA. Call us, email us, or get a free online quote for more information on how to gain health insurance coverage for your child or student.

eIndividualHealth and Small Business


If you have been fired or laid off you have heard the word COBRA. COBRA, Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act, is continuation of your health care benefits on your former employer’s health plan, but YOU pay the costs that your employer previously paid, making COBRA health insurance coverage very expensive, click here to read more and see alternatives to the expense of COBRA.

eIndividualHealth and Small Business

eIndividualhealth.com teams up with seniors to help them learn about, compare and buy California medicare and medicare supplement insurance.medicare logo


Medicare Insurance and Medicare Supplement Insurance can be confusing. That’s why we work to make it as easy as possible to get the California Medicare health insurance you need. There is so much information out there regarding Medicare Advantage and Medicare Supplement Plans.


Please let us assist you with your Medicare supplement and Medicare Rx needs by either contacting us by calling

888-877-4325, emailing us through the website or by getting a quick and easy quote from our online medicare quoting system.




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