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Expiring COBRA Subsidy Alternatives

Thank you for your interest in finding out the best alternatives for the expiring COBRA subsidies.

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With unemployment statistics still running high and laid off workers finding their COBRA Subsidy expiring, many HR departments find themselves trying to help their former employees that can no longer afford to continue the health coverage provided by a traditional COBRA plan.

For individuals, COBRA continuation coverage is generally not optimal because it can be very expensive and generally requires continued participation in an employer plan that no longer meets their needs. For employers, having past employees on their health plan is an administrative hassle and often a factor that contributes to insurance premium increases.

We have a great solution to this problem. There are literally hundreds of private insurance plans available with a wide range of coverage and cost options. Many individuals, frankly, can be overwhelmed by the number of choices available to them, but at eIndividualHealth we have online tools and personal insurance consultants to help guide COBRA participants through their decision making process. We make it fast and easy.

If your company has terminated employees seeking alternatives to COBRA or if you are concerned that the number of COBRA participants on your plan will negatively affect your renewal, eIndividualHealth can help. We have hundreds of options for individuals and are available 24/7.

Check us out at http://eindividualhealth.com or call us at 1-888-887-4325.


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